Lollipop Depositing Production Line


  1. Sugar dissolving cooker
  2. Sugar storage tank
  3. Vacuum continuous micro-film cooker
  4. Stick insert machine(Flat/Ball shape)
  5. Servo-driven depositing machine
  6. 6.Cooling tunnel


  1. The whole line is controlled by PLC/Computer.
  2. A 10.7 inch touch screen displays various parameters including flow charts, the status of each part of the production line, temperature, depositing speed, etc.
  3. Frequency conversion speed control syrup flow, flow accurateand syrup quality stability.
  4. Machine replacement some accessories can make hard candy.

The lollipop depositing production line produces different colors lollipops, as well as ball and double-ball lollipops in a layered or striped style. Compared to the die-formed lollipop production line, this equipment set features a smoother product surface and smaller labor costs.It is ideal for lollipop mass production.

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