Hard Candy Depositing Production Line


  1. Sugar dissolving cooker
  2. Sugar storage tank
  3. Vacuum continuous micro-film cooker
  4. Servo-driven depositing machine
  5. Cooling tunnel


  1. The whole line is controlled by PLC/Computer
  2. A 10.7 inch touch screen displays various parameters including flow charts, the status of each part of the production line, temperature, depositing speed, etc.
  3. Frequency conversion speed control syrup flow, flow accurateand syrup quality stability
  4. Mold pattern can be customized according to customer requirements,one mold can make up to 10 different patterns.

Designed for manufacturing candies of various colors and types, such as two-color candy, filled candy, and spiral candy, the hard candy depositing production line features a maximum capacity of a massive 1200kg/h. This production line consists of vacuum cooker,servo depositing,cooling system, and demolding device. The entire production process is computer controlled which ensures the finished candies are precisely the right size, shape and weight.

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