Hard Biscuit Production Line

Main Parts:

  1. Vertical dough mixer
  2. Material feeder
  3. Dough conveyor
  4. Laminator
  5. Dough roller
  6. Material recycling device
  7. Roller cutting machine
  8. Divider
  9. Spreader
  10. Furnace charging conveyor
  11. Wire mesh belt conveyor
  12. Tunnel oven
  13. Furnace discharge conveyor
  14. Oil spray machine
  15. Vibrating spreader
  16. Turning conveyor
  17. Cooling conveyor
  18. Star wheel stacker
  19. Picking conveyor
  20. Packaging machine


  1. It is a fully automatic production line requiring very minimal human interference.
  2. Through the use of different, easy to change molds, the production line produces a variety of biscuit types.
  3. We will customize mold for you according to your requirements.

Yuekr Machine provides a variety of hard biscuit production lines in different configurations and capacities to meet specific requirements, with a maximum capacity of 1250kg/hour. In addition, we also provide an array of molds for the production of different biscuit shapes.

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