Gummy Candy Depositing Production Line


  1.  Sugar dissolving cooker
  2. Sugar storage tank
  3. Servo-driven depositing machine
  4. Cooling tunnel


  1. The flavors and color mixing system uses a dosing pump and dynamic mixer  to ensure the mixed syrup is uniform in color.
  2. The depositing machine is equipped with oil injection device.
  3. The unique demolding device features a tank chain structure and is equipped with a rotating brush to ensure a full candy demolding process.
  4. Its PVC cooling conveyor belt is manufactured using the latest technology. It features a smooth appearance and is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a long service life.
  5. Mold pattern can be customized according to customer requirements,one mold can make up to 10 different patterns.

The gummy candy depositing production line is designed to manufacture gummy candy in a variety of shapes. It is PLC controlled and features a maximum capacity of 1T/h. The candy depositing production line features a compact structure to save space, and the highly automated performance saves labor without sacrificing product quality.

The candy production line is designed to meet food safety and GMP standards. With the use of different configurations, this production line produces single color gummy candy, two-color gummy candy, striped gummy candy and other gummy candy types.

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