Die-Formed Toffee Candy Production Line


  1. Sugar dissolving cooker
  2. Sugar storage tank
  3. Toffee continuous vacuum cooker
  4. Mixer
  5. Cooling table
  6. Extruder
  7. Jam filler
  8. Rope sizer
  9. Toffeeforming machine
  10. Shaking head distributor
  11. Cooling tunnel

Manufacturing Process:

  1. Place rationed glucose, granulated sugar and other raw materials into the toffee cooking machine.
  2. During the aerating process, add other materials, including monoglyceride, condensed milk and gelatin.
  3. The sugar paste will then undergo cooling, ordering, and pulling.
  4. The pulled sugar paste is extruded, while the jam pump is simultaneously opened with a proper jam flow set to centrally fill the sugar paste.
  5. The sugar paste will then be pulled into a specific size using the rope sizer.
  6. After cooling, it will be sent to the forming machine, then to the refrigerated cooler via the shaking distribution cooler.
  7. The cooled candy is then packaged.

The die-formed toffee candy production line is comprised of the toffee cooking machine, caramel cooking machine, pulling machine, jam pump, candy extruder, chain type forming machine, shaking distribution conveyor, cooling conveyor and the refrigerated cooler, thus facilitating the manufacturing of different toffee candies, including soft filled toffee, filled toffee (eclairs) and caramels.

This production line features a high efficiency and high output.   It requires only 4 people to carry out everything from raw material preparation to toffee candy formation, thus significantly saving on labor costs.


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