Die-Formed Lollipop Production Line


  1. Sugar dissolving cooker
  2. Sugar storage tank
  3. Continuous vacuum cooker
  4. Cooling table
  5. Batch roller
  6. Rope sizer
  7. Die forming machine
  8. Shaking head distributor
  9. Cooling tunnel



  1. Continuously vacuum cooker,guarantee the high-quality syrup.
  2. Its capacity reaches up to 300-400kg/h
  3. This production line can produce various shapes of lollipop by changing the molds.
  4. The cooling conveyor system provides the better cooling effects.
  5. Special forming style is better for central-filling

The die-formed lollipop production line produces lollipop in a variety of shapes through the use of different molds.  It is ideal for candy factories planning to mass produce different lollipop shapes.  This advanced lollipop production equipment effectively reduces material waste.

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